Target Audience

The financial service providers that will benefit the most from TranzAxis are organisations implementing projects with a high degree of innovation, large number of uncertainties, continuously changing business requirements, challenging implementation timelines for new products, stringent new payment legislation and the requirement for seamless product integration with new payment services. Such organisations have product functionality modification requirements that are so diverse that it may not be feasible to meet them all using a standard set of customisation features typical of conventional systems, no matter how feature-rich they may appear in terms of parameterisation and other customisation tools. These users need access to the complete set of development tools available to the vendor including the ability to use and even modify the code of the supplied applications.

As a software platform capable of sustaining fully functional payment and retail banking systems, TranzAxis is naturally very suitable for full-service integrated payment processing and retail banking automation projects.

Easily scalable to meet different performance requirements, TranzAxis appeals to any size of financial institution or payment processor, allowing innovative financial services to be quickly introduced into the market, as well as enabling hitherto unknown economies.