Making EMV Work Across New Markets

A Compass Plus Guide To Successful EMV Implementation in the United States

Executive summary

Since August 2011, when Visa announced their plan to drive chip card and mobile payment adoption, the question of whether the United States will adopt EMV chip technology was made redundant, with two questions remaining in its place: when and how?

By 31st December 2011, Visa announced that more than 1 million EMV chip-enabled cards had been issued by financial institutions across the United States. Mastercard and Discover have since published their own recommendations of how to rollout EMV in the region. With the newly offered roadmaps and deadlines of between 2013 and 2015 being acknowledged by the press, financial institutions need to start planning how to protect their current infrastructure investments whilst meeting these new requirements in a cost effective manner.

With over 10 years of EMV migration experience under their belt, Compass Plus looks at the advantages of making the switch to the EMV standard and offers guidelines for successful implementation.

To read the full version of the white paper, please download here. To find out more information about migrating to EMV please click here for our EMV website.