About TranzAxis

TranzAxis is the world’s first open development payments platform to cover the entire retail banking sector requirements. The solution provides a full set of application development tools (builders, designers, editors, debuggers, etc.), as well as a set of specialist components that assist in implementing more diverse applications in a given domain. For financial institutions seeking more control over the development of their products and services, TranzAxis is easily scalable to benefit institutions of any size that face continuously changing business requirements and provides efficiency, flexibility, faster product deployment and reduced cost of ownership. Click here to find out more.

TranzAxis has a Service-Oriented Architecture and is built on RadixWare - the integrated end-to-end object-oriented open software engineering environment that embraces the most advanced and promising ideas, methods, tools and open development technologies available today.

Modern corporate systems take thousands of man-years to develop. Systems of such complexity and scale cannot be developed without the use of specialist software engineering facilities in the same way it would be impossible to build a modern plane with just a hammer, saw and file. All developers of corporate systems use some kind of software engineering platform typically of a proprietary nature, developed in-house. It is only in the past few years that a trend for the gradual move to open standards and open tools has emerged.

The foundation of RadixWare is provided by an original implementation of the Object-Relational Mapping technology that delivers presentation of the application data structure and relational database as a single object model. The following can also be described as the special features of RadixWare: 3-tier application architecture support, multi-tier application support, application generation based on a single description (model), declarative or imperative definition of the presentation logic, as well as business and data storage logic, a full set of development tools, availability of a complete set of features for full application support (design, coding, debugging, testing, release management, patch production etc.), architecture to support non-stop running of applications (including installation of updates whilst the system is running), ready-to-use technological components (SOA infrastructure, access rights control, audit, workflow, personal communication channels, task scheduler, designer, report generator, protocol definition, license generation and tracking features) and a host of other unique and innovative features.

It is common knowledge that the IT industry is one of the areas of human activity that demonstrates the fastest growth rate. Therefore, to achieve and maintain leadership, it is critical for companies operating in industries that are fundamentally IT-based to know, embrace, and utilise the latest technology developments.

As adopted and used by a large number of well-known and hugely successful global companies, as well as proven by our own experience gained over the years, the systematic consolidation of the latest information technologies into specialist software engineering environments is the most effective way of applying these technologies to sophisticated corporate solutions. The availability of these environments to vendors greatly facilitates customisation, speeds up development and in the long run, significantly reduces the total cost of ownership for the product as a whole.

Inheriting all of these advantages, TranzAxis, a specialist open development payment platform, addresses a much broader spectrum of payment processing and retail banking automation tasks, going far beyond the architectural and conceptual frameworks of the most advanced electronic payments systems that exist today. TranzAxis represents the next generation platform specifically designed to meet the challenges presented by emerging payment technologies such as mobile and A2A (cardless) payments.

TranzAxis is designed to enable the development and support of a great variety of advanced systems, applications and technological solutions as well as financial products and services that fall within the remit of payments and retail banking. TranzAxis offers the user a full set of application development tools (builders, designers, editors, debuggers etc.), as well as a set of specialist components that may be required in implementing a multitude of diverse applications. Access to these tools, traditionally only available to the software vendor, enables payment processors and financial institutions and payment service providers to create innovative, market relevant products and services and significantly reduces time-to-market.


To find out more about TranzAxis and its functionality please watch the short video below.


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