Target Audience

TranzAxis has a Service-Oriented Architecture and is built on RadixWare - the integrated end-to-end object-oriented open software engineering environment that embraces the most advanced and promising ideas, methods, tools and open development technologies available today.

Modern corporate systems take thousands of man-years to develop. Systems of such complexity and scale cannot be developed without the use of specialist software engineering facilities in the same way it would be impossible to build a modern plane with just a hammer, saw and file. All developers of corporate systems use some kind of software engineering platform typically of a proprietary nature, developed in-house. It is only in the past few years that a trend for the gradual move to open standards and open tools has emerged.

The foundation of RadixWare is provided by an original implementation of the Object-Relational Mapping technology that delivers presentation of the application data structure and relational database as a single object model. The following can also be described as the special features of RadixWare: 3-tier application architecture support, multi-tier application support, application generation based on a single description (model), declarative or imperative definition of the presentation logic, as well as business and data storage logic, a full set of development tools, availability of a complete set of features for full application support (design, coding, debugging, testing, release management, patch production etc.), architecture to support non-stop running of applications (including installation of updates whilst the system is running), ready-to-use technological components (SOA infrastructure, access rights control, audit, workflow, personal communication channels, task scheduler, designer, report generator, protocol definition, license generation and tracking features) and a host of other unique and innovative features.