ATM management

As the only channel that allows a financial institution to directly interact with their competitors’ customers, ATMs offer an opportunity for FIs to really differentiate themselves through value added services. TranzAxis ATM Management can turn a network of cash dispensers into a secure, lucrative customer relationship tool, maximising customer retention through the provision of a compelling user experience.

The TranzAxis ATM Management solution covers all aspects and functional areas of the ATM management process, from advanced transaction processing and comprehensive terminal scenario management to extensive security features.

Equipped with sophisticated system administration tools that provide easy ATM network configuration and advanced ATM monitoring that can also be accessed remotely, the solution also provides cutting-edge analytical tools for risk control, fraud detection and prevention, dispute management and extensive reporting.

TranzAxis ATM Management can be purchased as a turnkey solution, or can be extensively customised and integrated into the existing infrastructure to extend its functionality. >>>