TranzAxis Fraud Management

Throughout history, the payments industry has faced increasingly sophisticated and complex fraudulent schemes that have evolved alongside the security measures developed to keep fraudsters at bay. Whilst today’s financial institutions are more aware and proactive in the fight against illegal activity, with more stakeholders, partners, payment channels and customers comes increased risk of security breaches.

To stay ahead of fraud trends and ultimately protect sensitive customer data, Compass Plus presents the TranzAxis Fraud Management solution. Developed to combat the risks of today and tomorrow, this solution is flexible, customisable and future-proof; offering multiple layers of protection, detection and prevention.

The TranzAxis Fraud Management solution provides functionality to analyse customer behaviour patterns, to ensure the investigation of cases, and to monitor card activity by both the bank and the cardholder, for example, can drastically reduce risk and increase security.

The solution offers numerous protective measures that can make immediate difference. By giving financial institutions the tools to quickly respond to new fraud schemes by developing and configuring new fraud prevention rules, they are much more likely to be successful at reducing illegal activity.

Key advantages include:

  • Fraud prevention, detection & monitoring
  • Flexible and configurable fraud detection rules
  • Complex analysis of risk objects
  • Compliance with security standards
  • Customer-centric tools
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Extensive integration opportunities
  • Reliability

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