TranzAxis Corporate Cards

As the business world continues to grow exponentially, companies must ensure efficiency and resourcefulness when managing, monitoring and controlling corporate expenses; from streamlining expense reporting to consolidating spending information.

TranzAxis Corporate Cards is an efficient and flexible management solution for the expenses incurred by employees. This solution implements a hierarchical structure of the corporate customer which can reflect the real organisational structure; this can be informative or can employ business logic, for example, during the authorisation of a corporate card, the system can perform additional limit checks depending on the institution, their hierarchical structure, the cardholder and the card.

Another feature of this solution is diversion billing and corporate pay with roll-up which enables specific employee transactions (usually related to travel expenses) to be rolled-up or diverted to a corporate account.

The TranzAxis Corporate Cards solution provides an extensive reporting capability and can easily integrate with a financial institutions accounting software to enable file exchange from payroll files, statements and invoices. Statements and invoices can be generated for any level of corporation hierarchy from cardholders to departments and sub-departments.