TranzAxis Internet Banking

Even though there is an increased movement to new payment channels such as the mobile wallet in the financial services industry today, Internet banking remains the most popular and widely used channel. To remain competitive, financial institutions need to offer a service that provides the customer with a more personalised banking experience, tailored to their individual requirements.

TranzAxis Internet Banking offers a broad range of banking operations and services. The solution acts as a customer portal, a delivery channel where customers can log in and see their cards and accounts, their transaction statements for any account and any period of time. The customer can interact with the bank via this portal, examples include when they want to fill in various applications, to subscribe for a banking service, or to reissue their card. Transfers and payments are also supported: users can save and reuse a template for payments, removing the need to enter the same details the next time they go to perform this operation.

The TranzAxis Internet Banking solution has an open modular structure that can be modified by the bank. These modifications go beyond the standard functions of choosing colour schemes and the arrangement of modules, the financial institution can also develop their own modules using the API provided.